B&MC² Consulting

After more than forty years in the fresh produce industry, Bruce Cook has been involved in every part of the value chain. Direct involvement in the value chain from new varieties, nursery, fruit production, product technical, packing, logistics, processing and finally sales has enabled Bruce to have a unique “both sides of the fence” outlook on fresh produce and its products.

BCC Consulting , now B&MC² Consulting has assisted businesses to evaluate what they are doing and chart routes to success.

As Bruce will say –“ to see a company generate a clear plan which has a vision to the future is a reward in its’ self.” The aim of B&MC² consulting is to assist your business to chart your road to achieving a goal.

Example 1 - Understand the development of a packing house and create a master-plan

  • Planning for current and future volume and products.
  • Movement of external equipment – delivery to facility and loading out.
  • Product flows within facility.
  • Improving managements ability to manage the facility and critical control points.
  • Ensuring that quality control fits efficiently into the system and structure.
  • Identifying potential staff or service providers to hand hold the early years.

Example 2 – redefining the business for greater profitability and growth

  • Determining what the shareholders want to achieve – tangible and intangible.
  • Ensuring that the vision is clear and measurable and aligned to the shareholders.
  • Understanding the capacity of the business.
  • Determining what is business and what is busyness.
  • Creating SA (single arse) areas of focus and accountability.
  • Plans to evolve from the now to the future.

Address any queries to Email: bruce@bandmc2.com