In the ever changing tide of international trade, businesses need to find partners that can enable them to achieve their objectives. B&MC² strives to be one of those partners.

Our mission is to provide a one stop sourcing solution that can deliver the product from farm or factory door to customers’ premises.

Our vision is to become the service provider of choice for our products and to build and elevate our role in the African landscape.

We have the following objectives:

  • To tailor make our delivery options for our customers
  • To minimize the impact of non-value adding costs
  • To facilitate a greater African supply base
  • Increasing the ability of African countries to operate with lower tariff structures by utilizing the various trade blocks
  • To meet our customers’ needs in respect of quality and value proposition
  • Diversify our supply base to minimize climate risk for our customers

Our Products

Processed Products

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Tomato paste and tomato puree

Supplied in bulk (220l drums) or in retail units (cans or sachets)

Tomatoes remains a primary ingredient for many canned products, kitchens and restaurants.

Sources – China, Iran, Turkey, Egypt, Malaysia (future to include Zimbabwe and Mozambique)

Grenadilla pulp

Frozen (with seeds) and Aseptic (no seeds)

An important ingredient to inject the tropical into drinks, yogurts, deserts and the like.

Sources – South Africa and Zimbabwe

Cape Gooseberry

Frozen and Dried

Utilized for jams and deserts.

Sources -South Africa and Zimbabwe


Avocado oil

A newer oil which has a growing recognition of its health benefits

Sources – Southern Africa

Fresh Processing Products

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Processing grade apples

Used for jam production and ciders.

Sources – South Africa


Used dried or in jams.

Sources – South Africa

Blue berry

Used for jams, deserts and juices.

Sources – Zambia and Zimbabwe

New Products under Development

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Sources – Zambia and DRC


Source - South Africa

Our Brands

Our primary brand is "SUNFRESH". The brand epitomizes the quality of our products. The sun as the driver of the manufacture of starch and sugar in the plant and fruit produces fruit which is sweet firm and tasty.

We can also supply producer and customer (own label) branded product.


Quality is the cornerstone of an agricultural product. All products have specification sheets to guide suppliers as to what is expected in respect of quality. Deviations from the ideal specifications due to seasonal climatic variations are evaluated and discussed with clients as to how best to deal with these variations.

Where clients have specific quality needs B&MC² endeavors to source these requirements. Quality testing are done by both the suppliers and the independent laboratories and inspectors appointed by B&MC².

Where appropriate samples are made available to customers to evaluate before the product is delivered.

Health and Food Safety

Food safety is always a non-negotiable in the food industry. B&MC² as part of their responsible sourcing ensures that the suppliers follow or are accredited for good agricultural practices and good manufacturing processes/ HACCP. Certification where appropriate is made available and supplied.


B&MC² prides itself in its ability to arrange logistics to meet the needs of the customer. Product can be supplied on a FOB, CIF or DAP (delivered at premises) basis.